51 Melcher St

A unique adaptive reuse of a historic asset in the Fort Point Community.

GI Partners, alongside local development partner Leggat McCall Properties, has proposed a repositioning of 51 Melcher Street. The proposed plans convert 50k sq. ft. of the existing 97k sq. ft. of office into life sciences / lab use.

51 Melcher Street is a remarkable building within the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. The team has a unique opportunity to modernize the interior and create opportunity for the neighborhood to participate in the ongoing Life Sciences boom in Massachusetts  

The visible impact on the building exterior will be minimal, and the new lab use will result in less traffic impacts than today.

We look forward to being a good neighbor in the Fort Point and engaging with the community. 

Project Highlights

  • Convert interior of building from office to ~60% lab / 40% office use
  • No additional sq. ft added to building.
  • No changes to Melcher Street façade. Minimal exterior upgrades on Necco Court.
  • New window louvers on Necco Court
  • New loading dock canopy
  • Interior/ Rooftop Improvements
  • Enhanced mechanical systems
  • No on-site parking existing or proposed
  • Adding trees along Melcher Street
  • Improvement to pedestrian safety along A Street through curb + crosswalk renovation

Construction Updates

February / March

Current work:

  • Necco Court infrastructure/ excavation work (49 Melcher side)
  • Necco Court periodically closed to traffic during the day, reopens at night.
  • Work is preparing for Eversource utilities and water retention system that will mitigate stormwater

Upcoming Scheduled Work:

  • Permitted work hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Necco Court infrastructure / excavation work (63 Melcher side)

Eversource installing new switch. Necco Court closed during day and reopens at night. Expect road plates covering excavation site.

  • Full Pave of Necco Court (mid-March)

Melcher Street Improvements: April

  • Improvements along Melcher Street will resume in April. Parking will be restricted along Melcher for the duration of street work. Spaces will be returned to residents as work is completed.

Off-Hours + Weekend Work

None planned

Though the project only consists of an internal conversion, there are several benefits created:

Increased bicycle accessibility and storage on site.
Designed with a commitment to sustainability. The project will greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the building as part of the design commitment to LEED Gold certification.
Historic features and façade will be preserved in order to stay consistent with the neighborhood context.
Reduction of required rooftop equipment by sacrificing valuable floorspace will further minimize any visiual impacts tot he historic exterior.


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